Daily Program Grade RR
Daily Program Grade R
7:15 Arrive
8:00 Tidy up + Toilet
8:15 1st Ring:
Bible Mo, We, Fri
Topic, Mathematics, English, Life skills
9:00 Outside activity (life skills)
9:15 Learn through play
9:50 Tidy up + Toilet
10:00 Snack
10:15 Free play: indoors, outdoors
11:30 Tidy up + Toilet
11:45 2nd Ring:
Library, Mon (language development)
Show and tell, Fri (language/life skills development)
Story / music / movement / ...
12:30 Home
7:10 Arrive (free play) + toilet
7:30 1st Ring: Bible, weather, birthday, days of the week, counting
8:00 Carpet time: introduce theme, carpet activities, etc.


School readiness and group work
(rotate every 20min so that each group, lions, elephants, rhino's, buffalo's and leopards can get a turn at each station.)

(8:30-8:50, 8:50-9:10, 9.10-9.30, 9:30-9:50,9:50-10:10)

carpet: construction/puzzles
blue table: fine motor activities
red table: art
yellow table: (with me) school readiness
Mama Sarah: small group activity

10:10 Tidy up, Toilet, Lunch
10:30 Free play: indoors / outdoors (life skills / language development etc.)
11:30 Tidy up + Toilet
11:45 2nd Ring:
Library, Mo (language development; Show and tell, Fri (language/life skills development); Story / music / movement / ..(language and life skills development)
  TUESDAYS: Beaux Art 11:00-12:00
  WEDNESDAYS: Maths lab 11:00-12:00
12:30 Home
The Gr. R's first day in the Maths Lab

On the 31st  of January 2017, the Gr. R class lead by Mrs. Du Plessis had their first lesson in the maths lab. The maths lab was implemented in 2016 by the Department of Education,

They practiced long/short and longest/shortest using blocks stacked atop one another

Always happy and ready to learn.
Enjoy Gr. Rs!


Boy- Bokamoso

Girl- Lerene

 The Gr. Rs have begun wearing uniform/P.E uniform from this year on. It is not compulsory for them to wear, but if they can they may.
Aren’t they just adorable!!


Boy on the left- Kaone

Boy on the right- Ookame

Above the Gr. Rs’ are busy with the first step to become writers. They are making handwriting patterns with macaroni. The kids enjoyed this a lot and were quiet excited.
Always happy and eager to learn

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