Interview with Mr James Montshabatho

Mr Montshabatho have been working here ever since 1994 and he is one of the oldest loyal workers since he commenced.

He started as a renovator at the school. He started as a contracted worker from 1993 to 1997 during the time of Mr. Matthews as Rector. Mr Johan Dophlane from Bloemfontein was the contract manager. Mr Montshabatho is still working here and still helps the school grow. He is very happy about the way how the institution has changed through the years. He is still enjoying the good environment and is looking forward to offer his labour for many more years.

He is very happy about the visitors to the institution, like the institution funders, because they helped not only the staff, but the institution itself!

-Egocentric Loeto and Kutlwano Forane (8 August 2017)

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