Sir Keitumelo (Quett) Masire former President of Botswana passed away on 22 June 2017. Sir Masire attended Tiger Kloof Native Institution, now The Tiger Kloof Educational Institution (TKEI) that includes Tiger Kloof Combined School.  He was a student from 1945 until 1948 when he matriculated and qualified as a teacher. During his time at the Institution he had been a Senior Prefect.

His time at TKEI honed his entrepreneurial skills, as he went on to become a teacher, an astute businessman and passionate farmer. When Botswana achieved its independence in 1966, another alumni of TKEI, Sir Seretse Khama, appointed him to his cabinet, that accept for one member, was made of up Old Tigers.

His skill as a stateman was recognized across Africa and beyond and in 2016 he was still called on by his country to represent them at international meetings. His integrity, moral courage, wisdom, creative mind and delightful sense of humour will be sadly missed on the continent of Africa, as will the quality of his leadership.  He was a true son of Africa and so we say “Tsamaya Sentle, faithful servant of your people”.
We convey our condolences to his family and friends and to the nation of Botswana.

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