“Courage, Truth, Patience”, the words proudly displayed on the Tiger Kloof School Badge. These words reflect the profound insight the Tigers of yester year had as to the level of dedication and commitment it takes to build Tiger Kloof.   The words describe the calibre of people it took to establish this magnificent, blessed place, more than 100 years ago. The same spirit of courage, truth and patience was resident in all those who were the initiators of the resurrection of the new school. Yes, RESURRECTION, not re-opening, for embedded in the phrase “the Resurrection of Tiger Kloof” we find joy, victory and new beginnings!! 

In 2004, under the vibrant leadership of Mrs Habberton, founder and ex-Head of Primary, the Primary school was started. The Solon Foundation, who have been stalwarts in their financial support to Tiger Kloof, fully embraced the birth of the primary school. With their help and the help of other sponsors, the primary school came into being. Our gratitude to those who came alongside Tiger Kloof for this initiative cannot be expressed in words.  The classes were phased in over an eight-year period. In 2012 the pioneer group graduated in Grade 7. They have all continued their education in the Tiger Kloof high school.

We started with 14 tiny tots in 2004. Currently we have 50 children in the pre-primary, Grade RRR to R and 189 from Grade 1 to Grade 7, in total, 239 children.

The vision and mission of the primary school is to “grow our own timber" for the high school. We want to mould children from a very young age, into servant leaders. We train our children to be the best “them” that they can be. We want them to develop their strengths in order to reach their own full potential and not necessarily perform in comparison and competition with someone else. It is our hope and prayer that they will be strong teenagers who will be known for their righteousness. We hope that with the foundational teachings they receive at the primary school, they will have the strength of character that will enable them to withstand the pressures of life. It is our hope and dream that they will walk the path of love and care for others and that their presence in their families, in their communities, in their school, in South Africa and in the world, will bring hope and blessing to someone who is in need.

Emotional and spiritual maturity is vital for healthy relationships, in all aspects of life. Our disciplinary methods are therefore geared towards counselling, guidance, self-assessment of actions and corrective guidance and measures. Growing the character of our children is of great importance. This we pursue in our morning devotions, our classes, in sport and cultural activities, co-curricular activities, our church services and through Young Round Square.

We follow the Government curriculum. We encourage our children very strongly not to be mediocre, but to always dig deeper and go higher. The drive is onward, forward and upward!!! It is our prayer that our graduates will be courageous, truthful and patient, real followers and imitators of the servant leaders who went before them, in this most blessed patch of land in the vast African plains.


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