If you don’t see yourself as a winner, you cannot perform as a winner. But it is all about team work because no player can do it by himself!
Hockey and netball was and still are team games. When they are played well, they require their players to be quick, strong, smart and brave, to be part of the team.
You can be part of some hockey and netball magic’s by:
 Working with each other, you and your team mates can be better together than you might be as an individual player. In netball and hockey, the best team beats the best individual player.
Hockey and netball can be beautiful games, but as in all sports, people can get hurt. There are some hints/procedures to follow so that you can experience the beautiful parts of hockey and netball, and reduce the risk of getting hurt.
It seems like since we have opened, we haven’t had any matches so far but practices are taking place. When I talk to the players, they say that there are many ways to the top and the training method you choose is just the one that suits the team best. They also say that “The most important thing is the attitude of the player.  Just that desire to get there to the top is very good motivation.”
I am glad that our teams see themselves as winners! And I believe that they really can perform as the champions they are at heart. We are the tigers and we are fierce! We could ourselves be kings and queens of the jungle!

Interview with Tshegofatso Kgodumo (Grade 10Z) Hockey player

What inspired you to play hockey?
It has always been my passion, and I enjoy playing it. I feel alive and it helps me to be fit.

What were you aiming for?
I’m not currently aiming for anything. The thing about hockey is just being focused and concentrating on the game.

Is Hockey about winning only?
No. Not everything is about winning in life. You have to be optimistic and positive. Sometimes you have to lose to win the next game.


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