15 September 2016

Interview with Ms Cara Peterson, by Katlego Mokgara.

How has the library improved since you’re the librarian of Tiger Kloof?
We reorganized the whole collection to be centralized on the book side of the library and according to the Dewey decimal classification system (Non-Fiction and Reference). All the sections were clearly labelled and orientation to the library is done every year for grade 8s + all new learners.

When did you start being the librarian here at Tiger Kloof?
I started on 1 Feb 2005.

On which days can you say the library gets really busy?
It depends on the assignments of the learners. Any day and especially Monday to Thursday afternoons, it can be quite hectic. Mornings it depends on the class bookings of the teachers that bring their classes for research.

Do you have a lot of pressure on those days?
Sometimes yes, but other days when I have good help and support from the library monitors, we manage much better.

Why did you choose to become the librarian?
The Lord guided me to come to Tiger Kloof (it was His answers to my prayers) and I felt very honored to become part of the school as the school have always intrigued me, even when it was still in ruins.

Does the library benefit the whole school learners including teachers?
It’s mostly learners that get to use the research facilities in the library although teachers do occasionally come to use some of the books and newspapers. The teachers do have their own book collection in the staff room that they may consult or borrow from the library.

- Katlego Mokgara

23 August 2016

The librarian, Mrs. Cara Peterson, interviewed a few learners who were interested on being library monitors from Grade 8 to Grade 11. Many were interested and some were chosen, some were not. They are very helpful at the library; they make sure that each grade has access to non-fiction & fiction. They keep records of the books that are borrowed by learners. If you lose the library book you have to pay the amount of the book.

In Term 2 Mrs. Peterson organized a trip for library monitors to show appreciation and to teach them about libraries at Pretoria. They say that they enjoyed it very much and that they learnt something about the library at Pretoria. Libraries are very important to us and thank you to Mrs. Peterson for making sure that we get books that can help us with our subjects e.g.; Mathematics, English, Life Science, Accounting etc, as well as all the other challenges life throws us.

Our school library offers very interesting books. Every week they update their books so that you don’t read same book over and over. And they even offer text books that can help you with subjects that you are suffering with. There are also books that can help you understand maps. You can borrow books that give more information on bibles. Those books can guide you on how to read a bible and how to understand THE WORD OF THE LORD.

Our school library is open during week days from 07:40-15:45. Even on Sundays for the boarders the library is open so that they can research and do their school in a quiet place without any disturbance. You are always welcome to ask for help from the library monitors. They can help you with computers or to find books at the library.    

- Karabo Seboko


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