The environmental club so far has been smooth. On the 3rd of August 2016 they held a meeting to discuss the details about a trip they going to take to Kruger National Park in the Mpumalanga Province. They will learn mostly about the environment and other environmental things. This will be from the 1st until the 5th of October. We wish them all the best and we hope they will have a safe journey, and learn a lot to come share with the rest of the school

23 August 2016

This week the environmental went to the Tiger Kloof garden and the farm to check on it and to keep it clean. We had to water the plants and feed the animals. They were with the teachers and caretakers of the farm. Mr Massasi is the main caretaker. He is basically the one who is in charge of anything that involves agriculture in our school.

It is said that “Man has been given stewardship of our plant and dominion over the plants and animals. We should turn deserts into fertile grounds and gardens, not fertile grounds and gardens into concrete deserts.”


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