Tiger Kloof choir is the heart beat of our school. Lately, they have been practicing new songs and blowing our minds with extraordinary and amazing, heartfelt songs. They sang last year at the memorial service of the late Mama Ruth Mompati and really placed their true emotions into the songs, making it a very heart-warming service. Recently this year, they gave a wonderful performance at the farewell concert of Mr. Mark Boobbyer. Their last trip was before the schools closed in Term 2, where they went to represent the Tigers at the Youth’s Festival. We are still looking forward to hear great music from them.

The choir members so far hasn’t been performing much, but they have been meeting up and have been practicing. The previous week they rendered an item at our Wednesday church services which was held by Mrs Martha Bopape and her tutor group. The church service was uplifted by the wonderful voices from our choir by the help of our magnificent choir conductor Mrs Ngono. The choir team and their hard work has been giving smiles to people’s faces whenever they come up on stage for their performances. During this past week pictures have been taken for different activities and so the choir also took pictures which will be seen in the Tiger Kloof Year Book.

-One famous singer once said “The good thing about music is that when it hits you. You feel no pain”  ~ Bob Marley

- Masechaba Rapuleng

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